Could Your Mineral Makeup Be Bad For Your Lungs?

Amanda Elser

Many turn to mineral-based makeup for a healthy alternative to paraben ridden liquid foundations, but could they be putting themselves in more danger? According to some pulmonologists (a medical specialist dealing with disease involving the respiratory tract) inhaling your mineral-based powder could actually cause damage.

But natural makeup artist Jessa Blades said it all depends on the ingredients inside your favorite mineral makeup. “It is unsafe to inhale certain minerals, like Titanium Dioxide, when they are so small in the nanoparticle form,” explained Blades to The Daily Green. But not all mineral makeups contain these nanoparticles. “One of the benefits to powders is that they contain a natural SPF, choose a pressed one if you are afraid of inhaling it.”

There hasn’t been any warning issued for mineral makeup yet, but the Campaign for Safe Cosemetics does say this on their site:

“Avoid personal care products that advertise use of nanotechnology or nano ingredients. Because no labeling laws exist for nanotechnology in any type of consumer product anywhere in the world, nanotech may be difficult to avoid completely. One thing you can do: contact the customer service department of cosmetics companies whose products you use, and ask if they use nanotech. If so, let them know that you won’t be buying their products until they remove the nanoparticles.”

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