We Can’t Stop…Staring At Miley’s Lipstick

Megan Segura
miley cyrus wrecking ball c up 640x480 We Cant Stop...Staring At Mileys Lipstick

A screenshot from Miley’s latest video, “Wrecking Ball.”


Miley Cyrus recently released her latest music video “Wrecking Ball” to shocked audiences. In the video, Miley cries, rides a wrecking ball while completely nude, and licks various objects. But it’s not her body (or her tongue) that held our attention. What we couldn’t take our eyes off? Her lipstick.

From the opening scene onward, Miley wears a gorgeous brick red color that refuses to budge. Even after she makes out with a sledgehammer, her lipstick isn’t smeared in the least. If we had to guess, we’d say the star was wearing Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Always Red ($12, sephora.com). Once it’s applied, the color stays in place all day, though we’ve never put it to the make-out-with-machinery test that Miley did.

Do you love the look as much as us, or were you distracted by other things in the video?

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