Links to Click: See The Full Rick Owens Step Show, Miley’s Foam Fingers Sold Out, More

Meghan Blalock

Owens RS14 1446

End your week on an upswing, with the best reads from around the Internet today!

1. Rick Owens gave a big middle finger to the skinny white world of fashion with his step runway show in Paris. Watch the full thing here! [YouTube]

2. If you’re one of the probable thousands of people planning on going as Miley Cyrus this Halloween, you better act fast. Giant foam fingers are selling out everywhere. [The Cut]

3. The Burger King “Satisfry” is more than just an incredible pun; it’s a deliciously low-calorie experience. [The Vivant]

4. Not one but two actual IRL princesses sat front row at the Lanvin show in Paris. [HuffPo]

5. Ever wondered how to break into the beauty industry? Here’s advice from four experienced writers. [Beauty High]

6. Here are 22 fun ways to dress up for Halloween without a costume. [BuzzFeed]

7. Have no idea how to shape your eyebrows correctly? Here are the best styles for each face shape. [Daily Makeover]

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