Miley Cyrus’s Hair: We Rank the Good, the Bad, and the Spikey

Miley Cyrus’s Hair: We Rank the Good, the Bad, and the Spikey
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Miley Cyrus has proven she’s got chops when it comes to singing, acting and twerking. What she’s really got a knack for, though, is keeping us on our toes when it comes to her hair. The girl who put herself on the map for taking on a double life by putting on a wig (here’s looking at you, “Hannah Montana” fans) has more recently been making headlines because of her daring decision to chop off just about all of her hair, then bleach it blonde. From blonde to brunette and extensions to a pixie, the girl has tried just about everything at least once. But, that doesn’t mean she got it right every time.

Whether you’re a Miley fan or foe, it’s hard to deny the fact that the girl has had some hits and misses. So, after looking through just about every hairstyle, cut and color Miley has ever had, we’ve ranked 20 of her hairstyles from worst to best. Take a look at our lineup of every Miley hairstyle there’s ever been, and tell us if you agree with our rankings in the comments below!

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