25 Messy Topknots That Will Make You Sigh with Envy

25 Messy Topknots That Will Make You Sigh with Envy
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Messy buns are like the unicorns of the hair world: impossibly pretty, mesmerizing, and 100% mythical. Like, OK, sure they exist, but have you ever actually seen one in real life with your own eyes? (Topknots, that is. Not unicorns, which are obviously real.) These perfectly imperfect buns seem to exist only in the space between your Instagram feed and Pinterest, bobbling precariously on the heads of girls who look effortlessly chill at all times.

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And though we’ve fully (alright, almost) accepted the fact that we will never master such perfection on our own without growing a foot of hair or an extra arm, we will still gladly stare at photo after photo of the mysterious magic, just to appreciate its existence. So we present to you some of the best messy topknots for major hair inspo…and maybe a little bit of envy, too.

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