Megan Hilty Loves Being Blonde; Is Tired Of Hearing This Back-Handed Body “Compliment”

Megan Segura

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She may have been a Broadway regular for years, but it wasn’t until she starred in NBC’s Smash that Megan Hilty became a regular fixture in Hollywood. The blonde bombshell has recently partnered with John Frieda to launch “Blonde Appreciation Month” and celebrate the brand’s Sheer Blonde line. While she now maintains her color with the help of John Frieda products (“I’m completely obsessed with them”), Megan wasn’t always a blonde.

“I tried for a year to be a brunette, and in the beginning I really loved it because it was very dramatic and dark, but I just felt like it wasn’t me,” she says.  “So while I’m totally excited and willing to dye my hair anything bold, I just think this is who I am.”

When it comes to the stage vs. the small screen, Megan says she prefers Broadway for one specific reason: her skin. “TV makeup [is harsher] because it’s all day every day, so it’s layers and layers, instead of just a couple hours at night.” When it’s time to take the makeup off, Megan prefers Dr. Hauschka products. “They have a really great mask, the Rejuvenating Mask ($52.95,”

When you see Megan on TV, it becomes clear very quickly that she is no waif. Her chest and waist give her a Marilyn Monroe-like silhouette, which doesn’t always translate if she’s not wearing the right thing. “If I don’t have a waist in whatever I’m wearing, I end up looking like a blob. So it’s so funny because I know people are trying to be nice and they’re trying to give me a compliment, but everybody’s always like ‘Oh the camera does add a lot of weight, you’re so tiny in person.’ It happens a lot so I don’t take it personally anymore, but that’s the only thing — I just have to feel like I have a waist.”

To keep her body in shape, Megan practices jiu-jitsu and muay thai with a trainer. “The hours fly by, and it also feels really empowering. I’ve never been in a fight, I don’t intend to ever be in one, but I don’t feel like I’d be totally helpless if I was ever in a dangerous situation.” Watch out, body snarkers.

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