Male Manicures: Adore It or Ignore It?

Emily Smith

We all know that adorning your nails with colorful paint, detailed designs, and customized decals is just one way to polish any look; however, why does society view nail art as simply a feminine regimen? In our eyes, all nails are created equal. With nail trends at an ultimate high, many A-list men have been spotted with their not-so-naked nails around town.

The obvious supporters of male nail polish are those who are also known for their eclectic style of music, which may give us some insight into why they sport the just as unusual trend of painted nails. Ozzy Osborne, Adam Lambert, Marilyn Manson, and Dave Navarro are all men who are overtly comfortable in their own skin…and their choice of nail art. Darker shades are commonly seen on these rebellious men; however, I’m not a huge fan of black nails. In all honesty, they scare me.

Although we are familiar with these rockers maintaining their signature manicures, other celebs have been seen with freshly painted nails as well. Surprisingly, some of these influential figures have wives, many of which are known for their tasteful fashion sense and style. David Beckham has been seen wearing pink polish on several occasions, as well as in some ads. Sorry Becks, but we all agree that’s not so posh. Another offender was Cash Warren when he got a little carried away with fashion week as he showed up to several Fall/Winter 2012 collections with purple polish, and his wife, who had a complimentary color to her hubby.

The male manicure trend is becoming more acceptable and common in today’s society; however, not all of these looks are fashionably acceptable. Click the slideshow to see some non-female phalanges in all their painted glory.

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