Making It Last: Tips For Prolonging Your Beauty Treatments

Amanda Elser

After the labor of love you put your body through on the regular basis for your beauty routine we think it is only fair that you take the proper precautions to maximize your results. From drinking through straws to SPF in your hair, these are the sure-fire tips to keep your slight beauty tweaks in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

Your Sun-Kissed Glow
It is the very thing we strive for every summer, the essence of our vacation and we probably work harder on it for those three months than anything else all year…it is our tan.
Whether natural or faux, a healthy tan is an instant beauty booster. Legs look slimmer, face looks healthier and that little white dress you have been storing in the back of your closet can finally come out of hibernation. The day your tan starts to fade is a very sad day indeed, but there are a few ways to keep that bronzed glow into fall weather. Everyone knows the best thing to do is exfoliate and moisturize, but there are some things that you could be putting into your body to help enhance the life of your tan as well.
Vitamin A
A good ingredient for your post-tan moisturizer, it is also an essential element in providing nourishment inside your body after your tan. Look in your local drugstores for vitamin A pills to re-hydrate your body as it becomes dry under the sun’s rays.
Carrot Juice
Whether drunk before or after tanning, carrot juice replenishes skin and provides moisture in the body for a longer lasting tan. It is also rumored to accelerate the formation of a darker pigment in your skin.
Tea or Coffee Ice Cubes
This is a bit of a folk remedy, along with adding tea or coffee into your bathtub, but with September is fast approaching, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Your Hair Color and Highlights
Out in the summer-sun it is easy to feel carefree, but that is when your body can be its most vulnerable. Protect your meticulously color-treated locks so you can stay out of the salon and spend more time on the beach.
Rita Hazan from Rita Hazan Salon says there are a few ways to elongate the life of your hair dye.
1. Try not to shampoo too often.
2. Use products with SPF to protect color when out in the sun, or cover up your hair.
3. If you hair becomes brassy, go one shade darker and it will help correct the color mishap.
Rita emphasizes the importance of the quality of the products you use in color treated hair.
“I always say, use shampoo and conditioner specifically for color treated hair. In addition, use a conditioning mask once a week to hydrate hair, and apply a heat protector before drying, flat iron or curling.”
Rita also suggests staying away from certain ingredients when shopping for shampoos. Sulfites, parabens, and sodium chloride tend strip the color right out of your hair.

Your White Teeth
The invention of at home whitening revolutionized the way we see our teeth and it is no longer surprising to walk in on someone with plastic whitening strips slathered across a broad smile. But whitening of any kind, from the professionals to your do it yourself kits, can be expensive and who has the time to sit around for 30 minutes a day while your teeth get bleached?
Dr. Jennifer Jablow, inventor of the IntelliWHITE and PRO WHITE tooth paste, said there are a few ways to prevent stains on your teeth, although it is nearly impossible avoid stain causing foods and drinks all together. She suggests brushing your teeth with a sonic toothbrush because it breaks the stains up more efficiently and to drink your coffee and tea iced through a straw.
“It is really tough to avoid foods that stain, just about everything does. Berries, red wine, coffee are all healthy in moderation,” she says.
Her number one tip for keeping those pearly whites, white? Brush with a toothpaste that has whitening formula in it, like her PRO WHITE Booster Duo paste.
“No extra step to your oral care routine,” she said.

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