Beauty Recipe: Wearing Makeup With Glasses

Augusta Falletta
Makeup for glasses


As much as glasses are one of the “it” accessories of the moment, they do bring up the issue of how to wear your makeup. Too much eye makeup can make your face look intense and dark, while not enough can simply look like you’re skipping wearing contacts for a “lazy day.” Luckily, there are a few key tips and tricks to wearing makeup with glasses that can really make your face pop — even underneath the frames.

Eyeshadow: Just because your eyes are framed with glasses that doesn’t mean you need to go bare with your makeup. Choose a matte, taupe eyeshadow (or a neutral that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone) and sweep it over your lid beneath the crease. Use a brush, not a sponge, for a softer application.

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Eyeliner: Define your eyes with a deep brown or black eyeliner with a thin line along your waterline and top lash line. Keep it subtle, smudging a bit if you need to and making sure you can’t actually see a distinct line across your eye, which can make it look too severe under glasses.

Highlighter: This is especially important if your glasses are dark or thick plastic, but for all glasses, a shadow can be cast on your face, so making sure you’re wearing highlighter is a good way to keep things bright. Use it in the inner corner of your eyes and along your cheekbones to really get glowing.

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