Beauty How-To: Sultry New Year’s Eve Makeup

Lauren LeVine

We like to think of New Year’s Eve as the one time a year we have carte blanche to go all out with glitter, glitz and drama when it comes to our makeup. Our friends from StyleCaster show you how to get a sexy, smoky-eyed NYE look for any party on your agenda that night.

New Year’s Eve only comes once a year, so obviously we have to be dressed up to the nines. And, with the hopes of being kissed when the clock strikes twelve, it’s also the one time of year that taking an extra minute or two on your makeup is definitely called for. When that boy gets all up close and personal, you better make sure everything looks just right.

Makeup artist Jordy Poon shows us how to add a little sparkle to our NYE look — try his tricks at home for your festivities!

Click the image to watch the video tutorial!

Step 1: Smudge a soft black line along the bottom eyelash line with eyeliner.
Step 2: Continue along the top lash line.
Step 3: Take a damp brush and trace over the eyeliner with a dark eyeshadow.
Step 4: Line the inside of your eyes.
Step 5: Accent the inner corners with a silver glitter.
Step 6: Finish off with black liquid eyeliner and mascara.
Step 7: Wipe off any fall-outs from under the eyes.
Step 8: Apply your base foundation.
Step 9: Use a soft bronzer as a blush to contour under the cheek.
Step 10: Highlight the cheek bones and brow with a warm cream highlighter.
Step 11: Balance the eyes with a warm lipstick.


Try on party makeup in the Makeover Studio!

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