Makeup Tricks to Fake a Good Night’s Rest

Aly Walansky

eye pencil Makeup Tricks to Fake a Good Nights RestWhether you were having a wild night out or just a burst of insomnia, when you don’t get a good night’s rest it shows. We can’t help you feel better, but we can help you look better. Use these beauty tricks to hide the evidence.

Make sure to grab a bottle of water as you walk out your door and a straw (so you don’t ruin your lipstick) and drink the whole thing down. “When you are tired your face needs hydration, so drink lots of water throughout the day!” says Celebrity Makeup Artist Nicole Bryl of Make-Up New York.

Try Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions open up the eyes and brighten your complexion. “Fluttering will be so fun with a refreshing look every morning,” says Anna Phillips, founder and president of The Lash Lounge.

Hide Dark Cirlces
For puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, try these tricks prior to applying concealer: “Apply an ice pack, frozen vegetables or something else cold to the area for a few minutes.  Gently massage the area using your ring fingers, starting at the inner corner of the eyes and sweeping outwards to improve puffiness.  Use an eye cream with caffeine, which improves circulation of the area to minimize the appearance dark circles,” says Dr. Meghan O’Brien, consulting dermatologist for Physicians Formula. And yes, hemorrhoid cream (that contains phenylphrine) can also be helpful to constrict under-eye blood vessels that contribute to the bluish under eye circles.

Tint Eyelashes and Eyebrows
This is the frosting on a cake. It completes a look by creating a beautiful natural appearance that is nothing but perfection. “There is no blotchiness or unevenness with tinted eyelashes and eyebrows—everything is consistent,” says Phillips.

Brighten the Eyes
Use a white or blue pencil on the water line to brighten the eye. Try Susan Posnick ColorEyeDefine in Turquoise/Topaz ($26, “Next, try a white pencil on the outside corner of the eye, between the upper and lower lashes to open the eyes, and make them look more almond shaped. This is a dancer’s trick. Finally, try a pale shimmery shadow under the bottom lashes to keep eyes sparkling. Skip mascara on the bottom lashes. Mascara can cast a shadow making the eyes look tired,” says celebrity makeup artist and founder of Susan Posnick Cosmetics, Susan Posnick.

Bronze the Skin
Tan skin always alludes to rest and vacation. It is another way to detract from looking tired. “Bronzed skin combined with bright lips alone will make you look very well rested,” says Bryl.

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