Makeup That Will Last through Anything (and We Mean Anything)

Rachel Krause
Makeup that lasts

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The summer is tough on makeup: We even find our “waterproof” products falling flat on their claims from time to time. In the spirit of sweat, we’d like to introduce you to two products that put the staying power of every other product to shame, insofar as they cannot be removed without certain force/an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover. Come hell or high water (a tidal wave?), these babies will not budge.

Shadows smudge, mascara melts, and creamy pencil liners disappear within hours—but Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($7.99, holds court on the lid like nothing we’ve ever seen. It’s the blackest of blacks, and while the moist formula enables it to glide on easily, it’s virtually indestructible once it’s dried. Wings stay sharp all day (and night, too) without fading or flaking, and it holds up in water. Liquid formulas can be intimidating, but this one is surprisingly user-friendly thanks to its flexible felt tip, which makes lining and defining eyes a breeze.

We had long given up on a lip color that actually lasted, instead opting for sheer, moisturizing formulas that we actually wanted to reapply… that is, before we got our hands on MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Rouge ($24, The story behind the brand’s Aqua collection is that it was created for the Parisian Aquatic Ballet, therefore it was tested underwater for five hours before hitting shelves. We can’t say we don’t believe it, because Aqua Rouge holds up so well we were honestly afraid we wouldn’t be able to get it off. Fear not—anything containing oil will take care of it.

Whether you’re emotionally tied to your eyeliner or your lip color, we’ve got you covered on both ends. Now, if only we could find a foundation that actually held up in extreme weather or a zombie uprising

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