• These chevron makeup bags are so cute that we want one in every color! 

    Chevron Makeup Bag, $20 each, Etsy

    Photo: Etsy/Etsy
  • No truer words have been spoken than these from Charlotte Tilbury: "Every woman deserves a man to ruin her lipstick, not her mascara." 

    Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag, Selfridges

    Photo: Selfridges/Selfridges
  • If you're hopping on a plane for a jet set weekend, this "Runway Ready" makeup bag is the perfect way to carry your travel-friendly makeup in your carry on. 

    Flight 001 Canvas Makeup Bag, $18, Urban Outfitters

    Photo: Urban Outfitters/Urban Outfitters
  • This jelly makeup bag is ideal for seeing exactly what's inside of your makeup bag, plus the leather trim ups the cute factor. 

    Zip Jelly Pouch, $48, C Wonder

    Photo: C Wonder/C Wonder
  • For the luxury shoppers, this Phillip Lim 3.1 minute cosmetic bag is chic and sophisticated enough to double as a clutch when you're going out. 

    3.1 Minute Cosmetic Bag, $350, Farfetch.com

    Photo: Phillip Lim/Phillip Lim
  • This bright and cheery cosmetics bag is perfect for traveling - you'll always be able to spot it buried deep in your luggage! 

    Marc Jacobs Mini Cosmetics Case, $45, StyleBop

    Photo: Marc Jacobs/Marc Jacobs
  • There's nothing more classic than a postcard, and we love the nostalgic feel of this adorable makeup bag. 

    Brighton Cosmetics Case, $98, Zappos

    Photo: Brighton/Brighton
  • Every girl could use a nice little pick-me-up in the morning while she's doing her makeup. 

    You Look Lovely Wash Bag, $31.78, Alphabet Bags

    Photo: Alphabet Bags/Alphabet Bags

Shopping Guide: The Cutest Makeup Bags

Shopping Guide: The Cutest Makeup Bags

Shopping Guide: The Cutest Makeup Bags
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For all of the time and money we spend on our makeup, it all goes to waste if our makeup bag isn’t something worth talking about. Of course, you’ll need to keep your makeup bag clean and care for your brushes, but having a plain black makeup bag makes for a boring beauty routine.

Whether you’re looking for a travel makeup bag or you just want to spice up your morning routine, we’ve found cute makeup bags so adorable you won’t be able to pass them up. From inspirational quotes to luxury leather, take a look at the makeup bags we’re currently obsessed with above!

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