Makeup Artist Jo Strettell Talks Lena Dunham, Skin Care & Nude Lips

Rachel Adler

lena dunham Makeup Artist Jo Strettell Talks Lena Dunham, Skin Care & Nude Lips

While we’re all still gossiping about last night’s Emmy Awards and the celebrities that stunned on the red carpet, we often too quickly forget that an entourage of people helped to prep them before they strutted down that very carpet. We took a minute to chat with celebrity makeup artist Jo Strettell, who worked with Lena Dunham last night, about the stunning look that she created and the trends that we all saw and fell in love with.

Strettell told us that she took into consideration Dunham’s Prada dress and her new haircut and decided that the look called for a strong eye to go with it, and of course healthy looking skin to complement that look. Strettell worked with UK skin care import Simple to get Dunham’s skin in tip-top shape. Simple’s products work well on the most sensitive of skin because they are free of all harsh irritants so they won’t cause any unwanted redness. Strettell used the Smoothing Facial Scrub and the Light Hydrating Moisturizer before beginning the makeup look for the night. To balance out the strong eye that she created for Dunham, she chose a nude lip — something that was a huge trend on the red carpet. To get this look yourself, Strettell recommends first taking away your natural lip color with a concealer before figuring out what nude lip shade will work best on you. There are a variety of nudes to choose from (greys, pinks and flesh tones) and you’ll want to choose your shade without your natural lip color shining through.

Strettell also advises to always balance out your nude lip with a fun smokey eye, and vice versa. If you’re playing up your lips with a classic red shade, try something different and go for a nude eye — sans color but with just a touch of mascara.

As we get into fall and then go forward into the rest of awards season this winter, Strettell believes that we’ll see a lot more of this strong eye look paired with a nude lip, or red lips paired with a nude eye. She also noted that we’ll obviously have to see how the rest of the spring fashion week season develops before we can predict the Golden Globes carpet (awards season lull, ugh!), but that the trends for this fall season are much more structured than usual. We can’t wait to see what develops!

[Image via Getty/Frazer Harrison]

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