Makeup Application 101 From Beauty Expert Trish McEvoy

Amanda Elser Murray

trish mcevoy Makeup Application 101 From Beauty Expert Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy, with her classic trapper-keeper beauty planners, is all about effortless beauty. That is why we asked this beauty guru’s advice for easy makeup application tips that won’t equal hours in front of our bathroom mirror. Below are Trish’s makeup basics — all the tips you need to get you started and out the door.

Hold your mirror high and lift your chin:
When it comes to doing your makeup, it is all about perception. Lift your chin high so you can see everything clearly.

Start with your eyes:
When applying makeup (after you wash and moisturize) always start with your eyes. Use an eyeshadow primer and a small foundation brush (like Trish’s Brush 66 Cream Blender) and start pressing the primer in from the middle of the eyelid into the corner (what Trish likes to call the ‘danger zone’).

The key is to press and blend:
Whether applying your concealer or your eyeshadow primer, the key is to always press in the product and then blend evenly.

Define your lash line:
After you have prepped and primed your eye, define your lash line by lightly lifting your lid from right above your top lashes and press the eyeliner pencil into the lashes. WARNING: Don’t go near the waterline!

Start from the roots when applying mascara:
When applying mascara be sure to work from the bottom-up. Wiggle the brush from the roots of your lashes and lift up to the tips for maximum flare.

Trish’s secret weapon – The Triangle of Light:
To cover any dark circles or bags, Trish uses a technique called “The Triangle of Light.” Basically, she takes a brightener pen (Use Trish’s Correct & Brighten Pen) and creates an inverted triangle right under the eye, from the inner corner, down to the tip of the nose and then back up. Then she takes a blending brush and pushes the concealer into the skin and blends onto the nose and up under the eyes. Instant face lift!

For more beauty tips from the amazing Trish McEvoy, check her out on HSN August 29th & 30th! 

[Image courtesy of Trish McEvoy]

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