Make Your Pucker Pop With These Shiny Lip Inspirations

Summer K
Make Your Pucker Pop With These Shiny Lip Inspirations
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As the only non-fan of New Year’s Eve on the StyleCaster staff, you can bet my night will be much more chill than yours. In fact, while I AM going to a party, you can rest assured there won’t be any wild random hook-ups (the BF is coming after all), crazy outfits (there’s a dress code), and since my kiss is pretty much guaranteed, I’ll be focusing most of my time and energy on my makeup application.

So, color me inspired by all the sassy lipstick choices I have at my fingertips. Rather than playing it safe, I’m going to attempt to replicate one of these shiny, glittery lovelies I discovered online while trolling for new beauty products.

Fab and oh-so-fierce, prepare yourself for an evening of air kisses and admiring glances if you choose to follow my lead. After all, when your lips look this sick, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with a sloppy smooch when the clock strikes midnight.

Make sure to click through the slideshow above and let me know which look would totally rock your New Year’s Eve beauty arsenal. (P.S. Each one is rated for difficulty in application in case you decide to attempt it!)

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Pink Power Pout: (Easy application) Grab a red lip pencil and carefully fill in the sides of your mouth, stopping at the center. Then grab a hot pink gloss and fill in the rest. Finish off with a high-finish clear gloss. Blot carefully and be prepared to re-apply if you meet a handsome stranger...

Green Metallic: (Easy application) No special tools needed to work this witchy pucker into the mix. Simply pick up a tube of Manic Panic Green Envy and apply liberally.

Multi-Gloss Effect: (Expert help needed) Make sure to hit your favorite beauty counter for assistance. Sephora's Ultra Shine Mini Lip Gloss Set would most likely work, but don't attempt it if you're a beauty newbie.

Dark Lip Glitter: (Medium difficulty) Grab a dark purple or black lipstick in matte and carefully apply then blot. Follow it up with the POP Beauty Glitter Must-Have Kit. Fair warning: Do not plan on eating, drinking or kissing anyone if you're set on working this look!

Dip Dye Lips: (Medium difficulty) Outline your lips with a pretty blue (like Duwop Blue Venom) then grab a matte lipstick with a slight gloss (Clinique's Creamy Nude works in a pinch) and gradually fill in the center of your lips using a small brush or Q-tip.

24KT Kisser (Easy application) Amp up a power red pucker with a vibrant overlay of gold gloss. This simple technique works best when used with a solid product like NARS' Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger.

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