Madonna Introduces Her MDNA Skin Care Line with a Bizarre Video

Rachel Krause
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We can only hope to look half as good as Madonna when we’re 55, which is why our excitement levels went through the roof when the pop icon announced last month that she would be launching a skin care line. After all, maintaining good skin as you age is all about prevention, so even though we’ve got quite a few years before 55 is on the horizon, it’s never too early to start thinking about hitting the anti-aging bottle.

That said, we aren’t entirely sure that Madonna’s new three-piece skin care collection, MDNA, would be something we’d reach for. (And, frankly, we couldn’t even if we wanted to—currently, the line is only being sold in Japan.) The offerings will include a Chrome Clay Mask, Skin Rejuvenator, and The Serum, which is all fine and well, but… just take a second to watch the introductory video, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Leave it to Madonna to turn a fairly straightforward product launch into something that leaves us wondering what in the world just happened. Let’s be honest, though—the woman looks fantastic, and unlike in this recent Instagram photo, she shaved her armpits for the occasion!

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Photo: Instagram

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