Runway To Real Life: Babydoll Lashes

Megan McIntyre

Fashion shows are a hotspot for finding exciting beauty trends and backstage at Spring 2010 Fashion Week we saw tons of funky makeup looks we loved. Over and over again we were told that most of these looks were wearable in real life, so we decided to put that statement to the test. We invited MAC and their makeup artistry team to give Associate Editor Megan McIntyre a runway-inspired makeover to test-run and see if it really worked off the runway. This week: Wide-eyed, babydoll lashes, as seen at Timo Weiland.


Of all the runway looks we had decided to test for this series, this week’s was the one I was most looking forward to. Gorgeously long, lush lashes? Yes please!

To make the lashes look set apart from the rest of the makeup, MAC Senior Artist Gina Bettelli had to make my eye area look lighter than my skin tone. She used a combination of Yogurt, Mink Pink, Shroom and Dazzlelight Eye Shadow, sweeping it over the lid and under the lashline. This subtle paleness was the key to really making my lashes stand out.

Next Gina applied a mascara primer and a whopping six coats of Opulash volumizing mascara (available May 27). With the mascara, it’s important not to do all the coats at once; that will only make your lashes look gloppy. Instead, apply a coat, then work on some other portion of your face, like your brows or cheeks, then go back and apply your next coat.

On your first coat, apply the mascara normally, making sure to cover the whole lash. The following coats should be done using only the tip of the mascara wand, stroking it up vertically to create the distinct doll-like clusters. Finish off by adding a few individual lashes near the outer corners of the eyes.

The rest of the look was kept soft and sweet to help enhance the “good girl gone a little bit bad” vibe, with Gina swirling together the pink and purple shades of Mineralize Blush Duo in Hang Loose (available July 8th) on my cheekbones and adding Lipstick in Jazzed (July 8th) and a bit of clear gloss to my lips.

Unlike with the other two looks, which made me feel like a bit of an oddball at first, this look made me feel instantly sexy. My lashes were so long and thick, I could actually see my them out of the corners of my eyes and that made me feel more flirtatious and confident. I had a few people ask me if I had lash extensions and more than my fair share of NYC men putting in their (usually inappropriate) two cents about my appearance. Verdict: An insanely wearable and super-flattering look.

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