YES—Lucy Hale Just Posted an Insane Makeup-Free Selfie

YES—Lucy Hale Just Posted an Insane Makeup-Free Selfie
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It’s starting to seem as if every single time we swipe across our news feeds, Lucy Hale slaps us in the face with a super-dramatic transformation. Whether she’s chopped off all of her hair, dyed it a crazy-cool color, or debuted a low-key tattoo, the “Pretty Little Liars” actress is more or less the Queen of Switching Shit Up. And just when we thought we were finally getting used to Hale’s constant beauty surprises, the 28-year-old shook us again. This time, it wasn’t an epic transformation—but a super-pretty makeup-free selfie.

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Yesterday, Hale Instagrammed a (seemingly) naked-faced selfie of her and her cute-ass dog, Elvis. She captioned it, “No, that’s not a stuffed animal. Yes, we’ve been laying here for hours.” The photo, of course, is already loaded with a million votes of approval, like one user who wrote, “You look so beautiful without makeup,” and another who commented, “You’re so beautiful. What the hell 😩.” And considering Hale looks, like, annoyingly great sans makeup, we gotta say we’re on the same page.

Obviously, there’s no way to know for sure if Hale really isn’t wearing a lick of makeup—but the selfie is a big departure from her signature smokey eyes and super-strong brows. Welp, we’ll see if the photo marks the beginning of a makeup-free run for the actress, but we’re foreseeing bright-blue extensions or a lip ring in a matter of days.

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