Beauty Buzz: Lucy Hale is Now Blonde, The World of Beauty Dumpster Diving, More

Rachel Adler

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1. Lucy Hale is the latest celebrity to change up her hair color, although she eased into a lighter blonde shade (smart, Lucy!) clearly being careful not to damage her naturally brunette strands. [Glamour]

2. There is a thing known as beauty dumpster diving, and it is an intense world. Also, some of the products you buy online may come from said dumpsters. [Racked]

3. Got a blowout and now your stuck in not-so-perfect weather? Here’s how to save it. [Daily Makeover]

4. After all of that fuss over Helen Mirren’s L’Oreal ads being retouched, it appears that she just actually looks that good. [The Cut]

5. Did you know the hairstyles you choose could be damaging your hair? Now you know. [Byrdie]

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