Louise Roe Shares Her Best Beauty and Travel Advice (Avocados Included)

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The oh-so-stylish TV host Louise Roe is known for her keen eye when it comes to fashion. She’s hosted various award-show red carpets as well as BBC’s The Clothes Show and even E!’s Fashion Police, giving us her two cents (and a brief reprieve from Guiliana). Clearly, the jet-setting lifestyle can be hard on one’s beauty routine, so we caught up with Roe at a recent SK-II event (which included the launch of a brand-new Mid-Day Essence) to talk about her beauty and travel essentials.

In addition to telling us that she is still working up to being brave enough to try the paper sheet mask on her next flight, Roe shared tons of packing tricks and health tips—like why she always travels with an avocado. Here are her the best lessons.

Don’t wash your face every day.
“I vary whether I wash my face every day or not. I’ve been reading that, especially the older you get, it’s better to let the oils kind of sink in and not constantly be cleansing and stripping the skin. So sort of every other day I wash my face in the morning in the shower with the SK-II cleanser ($75). I do definitely wear SPF every day—whether I’m in rainy England or L.A.—and I have primer that I mix with a tinted moisturizer. If I’m going onscreen, I’ll mix it with foundation as well: NARS, Jouer, and MAC mixed in.”

Contouring is not for everyone.
“I don’t go overboard with makeup. I love browns, golds, and quite natural bronzer plus a highlighter and strobe cream—natural contouring. I think contouring is great when you’re a Kardashian and have lights and cameras following you all day, but in real life, you can look a bit stripy. Highlighter is more friendly I think.”

Always, always bring a brow product with you.
“I’m obsessed with brows; I think they frame the face. If I could have only one piece of makeup, I would have a brow pencil, which I’m sure most people wouldn’t say. But I feel really naked without my brows. My face doesn’t feel right without them. Right now, I’m using Rimmel London ($3.99), which is not an expensive brand. MAC makes a good one, and sometimes I use the powder with a brush.”


When going out, amp up the feature you love.
“I add more to the eye. I’m not really a lip person; my lip is fairly neutral or just a gloss. So my eye is where I’ll make more smokiness, or I love a brown gel liner because it stays in place. And I always wear waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes because, otherwise, it tends to come off and leave you with black smudges. I’m not one of those girls who can be bothered to go to the loo halfway through dinner to do her makeup; I’m just not. Once I’m out with a cocktail in my hand, that’s it—I want to have fun. You want to have a beauty regimen that works for you, not the other way around.”

Always pack around your statement piece.
I do plan outfits in advance [when packing]—not so much if it’s vacation, but if it’s work I do because there’s nothing worse than having the whole outfit except the shoe. Bring a statement piece. When I packed for this [event], I thought shoes, because they’re always my favorite part, and then I might pack another outfit that goes with them.”

Also, always pack an avocado.
“I love to have a coconut water before or after I land, because I feel like it really hydrates you inside and out. I also always take an avocado with me on the plane because I think the food sucks in general. So it hydrates your skin, but it also makes the boring plane food better.”

Listen to your body.
I don’t put too much pressure on myself anymore. I used to land and try to find the hotel gym, but you can’t put too much pressure on your body. If I’m tired, I go to bed. I always try to have a stretch and a walk or even do sit-ups, and I take elastic bands with me, but sometimes they stay in the case the whole trip.”

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