Long-Lasting Summer Makeup Tips And Tricks

Long-Lasting Summer Makeup Tips And Tricks
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Let’s face it: no one wants to be the girl with the smudged mascara, streaky foundation or blush that can’t seem to last beyond 2pm. So it’s a bit ironic that in the summer when you most want your makeup to last the longest so you can go straight from work or school to your evening plans, or when a day at the beach turns into dinner and drinks, the soaring temperatures can result in nothing short of a make up disaster.

Many cosmetics companies claim that they have solved the problem of how to make your makeup last forever whatever the weather, yet how do you choose between the multitude of products and which ones work best? Should you be using a primer or a setting spray? What is the purpose of a lip and cheek tint and do they really work? Whatever your question, we’ve done the research and tested the products and we’re pretty confident that we have the answers.┬áSo, if you’re at a loss as to how on earth people maintain flawless looking makeup even in the most scorching of temperatures, click through our round-up of our favorite long-lasting summer beauty products!

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