Long, Luscious Hair

Megan McIntyre
Gabrielle Union Hair Extensions

Gabrielle Union inspired my new extension line
Credit: RD / Montemagni / Retna Digital

Have you always wanted to have longer hair? Hair that is shiny, or hair that you can make straight, hair that is past your shoulders and thick and bouncy? Now you can! I am launching a line of hair extensions on QVC. Very excited about it!! They will come in 8 different multi-dimensional colors called…Angelina, JenniferJulia, Gabrielle, Reese, Lindsay, Debra and Marcia. They are really amazing colors and textures and each one is modeled and named after the fabulous celeb that inspired them. They are heat styleable synthetics that come wavy and you can straighten them with a flatiron at 400 degrees.

Hair extensions are actually really easy to insert, the trick is to do a little bit of backcombing in the area where you are inserting the extension. This will help to secure the extension and look like it’s naturally part of your hair.

Beauty Is Individual.

As a celebrity hairstylist, I often receive samples of new products directly from beauty brands to test out. Any product I mention in this blog is one that I’ve tested out myself, in accordance with Daily Makeover’s Editorial Ethics Pledge.

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