4 Lipstick Mistakes We All Make—And Shouldn’t

Shannon Farrell
Miley Cyrus gets a lipstick touch-up backstage.

Miley Cyrus gets a lipstick touch-up backstage.

A sign that reads “On a Bad Day There’s Always Lipstick” hangs in my kitchen, and for good reason. A little color on the lips brightens up any day, dresses up the plainest of outfits, and instantly makes you look more awake—who’s looking at those under eye circles when you’re wearing that gorgeous fuchsia lipstick? However, make any of these application mistakes, and you’ll go from chic to clownish in seconds. Here are simple tricks to get a perfect bold lip.

1. Painting Outside the Lines
Lipstick is supposed to look polished, not like your 5-year-old self was playing in your mother’s makeup drawer. The easiest way to stay between the lines is with a thin lipstick brush and a lip liner. Start by tracing the edges with the liner and use the brush to coat the entire lip with color.

2. Choosing the Wrong Shade
Yes, every woman can wear lipstick, but not every shade works with every complexion. Find the right shade for you based on your skin tone, eye color, and even what looks best with your hair color.

3. Dark Lip Liner
The 90s are long gone, and so is the trend of pairing a dark lip liner with a lighter lipstick. The colors should be almost identical. If not, always go lighter on the edges. It makes the lips look fuller.

4. Lipstick on the Teeth
Over-applying can result in lipstick on the teeth–an even bigger faux pas than lipstick on a coffee mug. Here are two tricks to avoid this critical mistake. One, blot with a tissue right after application to remove extra product. Two, stick your index finger in your mouth, removing product around the edges of the mouth. Yes, it may look a bit porn star-ish, but it does the trick.

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