Lip Stain: A Product That Lasts & Multi-Tasks

Lip Stain: A Product That Lasts & Multi-Tasks
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Don’t you hate the feeling of makeup literally melting on your face? I for one, am ready for a makeup overhaul. Summer is here and that means blistering heat and humid days. The weather might be an obstacle, but your makeup shouldn’t be.

Sometimes finding products that work can be challenging, and sometimes just down right frustrating. Lip stains can be a fantastic alternative to lipstick because as the name of the product states, it simply stains your lips for a period of time. A lot of lip stain products also come with additional benefits like acting as a lip balm, or a source of antioxidants for your lips.

Another bonus? There is no fuss over reapplying and it lets your lips breathe! Stains can be airy and fresh so you don’t have to worry about caking them on, or feeling too made up. You can go from day to night with only one lip product without stashing your makeup bag in your purse. Click through the slideshow above to check out our favorite stains!


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