Hands Down the Best Lip Balms For Every Occasion

Sable Yong

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When it comes to sun protection on our lips, perhaps the importance of why it’s so necessary to shield our lips from the sun falls short. For reference, your lips are literally some of the thinnest visible skin on your body, containing only three to four cellular layers, as opposed to the rest of your skin’s normal 16 layers. So that’s about a dozen less layers of natural skin protection that you don’t have on your lips, leaving yourself that much more vulnerable to sun-damaged lips – and no one wants peeling, cracked lips – gross.

But, sometimes our favorite lippy formulas with added sun protection just don’t come in the shades or finish we want. Luckily, there actually is something for everyone if you look hard enough, and we’ve got your broadest bases covered right here.


Cult Classic
This was likely your first foray into “cosmetics” as a kid, if you’re anything like us. The candy cherry flavor was more of a draw than the desire for hydrated lips, but to this day we likely reach for Chapstick near the check-out during those harrowing “I don’t have any lip balm with me!” moments of panic. With SPF 4, it could use a little bit of a boost in the protection department, but the formula is tried-and-true—non-greasy and lip-quenching. (Cherry Chapstick, $3.99 for pack of 4, Drugstore.com)

Coola Liplux Vanilla Peppermint SPF 15


Best Flavor
There are people who absolutely abhor mint-flavored lip balms. And then there are those who are addicted to it. Coola’s Liplux plays both fields with this peppermint and vanilla flavored lip balm. It’s got the softness of vanilla but the refreshing hit of peppermint—the combination of which is pretty addicting in and of itself. Throw some SPF 15 in there and we are SOLD. (Coola Liplux Peppermint+Vanilla Lip Balm With SPF 15, $12, Sephora)

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Dior Creme De Rose Smoothing Lip Balm SPF 10


Luxe Pick
Dior, naturally, would make the most perfect hydrating and plumping rose lip balm. It has the most delicate rose scent and the most nourishing buttery soft feel on your lips. There really aren’t enough superlatives to rank how much we love this balm. The pink is probably too pale to leave a tint (unless your lips are really pale) but the super hydrating formula gives your lips a plumped-up feel by just how hydrated they are wearing this balm. Plus, it just makes you feel extra fancy. (Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm, $28, Sephora)


Fresh Sugar Rose Extreme Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15


Best Tint
Fresh has an army of these tinted lip balms with their popular nourishing formula. This limited edition one however takes rose to the extreme (in case you couldn’t tell from the packaging) with its own rose scent as well as a universally flattering rosy tint. In case you’re wondering this one has the same color of Fresh’s OG Rosé Lip Balm, but it’s the added rose oil that gives it a boost in moisture and floral loveliness. (Fresh Sugar Rosé Extreme Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15, $22.50, Sephora)



Best Anti-Aging
This might not be something on the forefront of your mind, but anti-aging doesn’t just stop at your skin. Your lips are all too prone to premature aging, if not more so. Blistex’s Deep Renewal balm feels great as a silky hydrating balm, but incorporates Coenzyme Q-10 for overall revitalization, Hyaluronic filling spheres to give your looks a fuller appearance, and  a vitamin-collagen antioxidant complex to preserve your lips in all their current glory. Top it off with SPF 15 and we’re keeping one of these in every purse. (Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant, $2.99, Drugstore.com)

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Yes to Carrots Sweet Gif Lip Balm


All-Natural Pick
For the chemical-phobic, you don’t have to worry about smearing parabens all over your mouth. We’ve got you covered. We’re partial to this Yes To Carrots Lip Butter in Sweet Fig because of the yummy flavor as well as the fact that it is Petroleum, SLS, and Paraben free. What it does contain are a bunch of ingredients that you can pronounce and probably have an idea of where they all came from: shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil to name a few. Plus, you’ve got broad spectrum SPF 15 protection so you really don’t have to worry about what state your lips will be in. (Yes to Carrots Sweet Fig Lip Butter with SPF 15, $3.49, Yestocarrots.com)

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