The Cure For Cellulite Is Upon Us; Miranda Kerr’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

Augusta Falletta

miranda1 The Cure For Cellulite Is Upon Us; Miranda Kerrs Beauty Secrets RevealedHere’s what’s going on in the beauty world to take you into the weekend:

The cure for cellulite has been (supposedly) found. Would you give it a try on your thighs? [Jezebel]

Though it seems a day late and a dollar short, Vogue has a new beauty standard starting in June: no eating disorders or underage models. [Forbes]

Dita Von Teese is teaming up with Artdeco for a new makeup line. We’ll take one of everything. [WWD]

What does perfume have to do with sperm whales? Apparently, they produce one of the main ingredients in our favorite scents. [HuffPost]

Miranda Kerr just revealed her biggest beauty secret from her kitchen, and it’s hiding in her silverware drawer. [Marie Claire]


Image via Sipa 

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