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Megan McIntyre
colored eyeshadow Link Love

Credit: College Candy

Incorporate color into your daytime repertoire without looking like a lady of the night
[College Candy]

A most unsettling tome extolling the virtues of… settling

Jersey Shore‘s Snooki gets a makeunder.
[The Cut]

Channel Lolita with these tips from stylist Guido Palau

The Fug Girls have many questions about Jennifer Hudson’s various and sundry outfits at the Grammys. Cast your vote for fug or fab.
[Go Fug Yourself]

Do you rock multiple ‘dos within a single hour? You might be a hair spaz.
[Glamour Girls In The Beauty Department]

Cristina Mueller cheats on her usual Shu Cleansing Oil (a fave of mine) and falls hard for a new face wash.
[Lucky’s The Beauty Department]

Contributed by: Senior Beauty Editor Amber Katz

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