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Megan McIntyre

Credit: ELLE

My hair god Orlando Pita tells you how to make waves sans curling iron

How mineral makeup is made

Why does SS Fair need different products EVERY time she gets a haircut?
[The Moment]

SunHee shares her beauty picks of the week
[SunHee’s Beauty Blog/Vanity Fair]

Lucky’s Cat Marnell wonders if she’s regressed to age three or progressed at an alarming rate to 80–because she plum loves a bath of late.
[Lucky’s The Beauty Department]

A few jokes you haven’t made yet about the new iPad (read the comments, as well)

Now that you’ve amassed enough products to make over a small nation, here’s how to store it all.
[College Candy]

This sorority at Cornell sounds like loads of fun. Where do we sign up swathed in our satin dresses with denim leggings from American Apparel and plastic bangles?

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