A Face Mask That Foams and Fizzes For Brighter Skin

Rachel Adler
sparkling makeover mask

Courtesy of Ling Skin Care

Personally, I love a face mask that makes me really feel something while it’s working. I want it to physically tighten, pull, tingle and basically make me believe that my skin is singing underneath. So, I’m obviously all for the trend toward oxygen face masks—the kind that apply like a gel but when activated with oxygen (i.e. after a few moments of air exposure), they begin to bubble.

I recently tried one oxygen mask that bubbled unlike any I had ever seen—and I credit that foaming reaction for the bright, radiant complexion that it left behind. Ling Skincare SparkLING Makeover Mask ($80) applies like a clear gel and, in a few seconds, turns into a bubbling white foam. But, that fun chemical reaction that took place on my face wasn’t subtle—it was basically like Pop Rocks in skincare form—so I knew it had to be working.

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After leaving the mask on for about 20 minutes (the directions told me to let the popping reaction subside, allowing the foam to fade back to clear), I rinsed my face. As I washed off the gel, I couldn’t stop staring at my skin. It had that instant brightness that we all crave, and I looked like I had gotten 12 hours of sleep (which hasn’t happened in a good 10 years).

The one downfall is that the masks come in individual gel packets—and you’ll never need a full serving. For $80 a pop, make sure to have a little baggy and binder clip on hand to secure the remnants and milk each portion for at least one extra use. Otherwise, get popping.

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