The Daily Dose: WTF Happened To Lindsay Lohan’s Face?

Megan McIntyre
Lindsay_Lohan_face_plastic_Surgery.jpg (400x600)

Photo: © Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

Is it just us or has Lindsay Lohan been looking a little…different lately? We thought maybe the multiple court appearances and state-mandated rehab trips might have just been taking their toll on our fair LiLo, but “extreme exhaustion” does not account for what is going on with her face right now.

Between the overly-inflated lips and suspiciously more streamlined nose, we have to wonder what Lindsay’s been doing with that time in rehab. Maybe if she focused more on fixing her life problems and less on “fixing” her face, she wouldn’t be in the current mess she’s in.

There’s no amount of self-tanner in the world that is going to remedy what is going on with her visage right now, and that gives us a sad. We miss the old Lindsay, Mean Girls Lindsay. Heck, at this point we’ll even take Herbie Fully Loaded Lindsay–anything but this current weak impression of the formerly smart, funny, gorgeous star.

Maybe we’re being too harsh on Lindsay. What do you think of her new face?

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