Lindsay Lohan Dyes Her Hair Red, Again

Rachel Adler

Lindsay Lohan has returned to her redheaded roots, finally! The 25-year-old actress was spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday showing off her newly dyed red hue. Although she has been sporting a platinum blonde shade for years, we think the red really does just suit her best.

According to Us Weekly, an “insider” reported that she has become increasingly concerned about her appearance, and she is “worried about losing her looks” and has “a lot riding on this comeback.” Whether or not a brief (and awful) stint on Saturday Night Live the other night really counts as a comeback is yet to be seen, but we’ll of course all keep following her ups (and downs).

Lindsay has now pretty much covered the spectrum of hair color with natural red, blonde, and even brunette — which shade do you like best on LiLo?

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