Makeover Alert! Lily Collins Goes Shorter for Summer

Rachel Krause
Lily Collins

Photo: Getty Images

We’ve long crushed on and coveted Lily Collins‘s piece-y, textured mid-length bob, but now the actress has debuted another chop to contend with.

Hot on the heels of Kristen Stewart‘s shaggy pixie, Lily also showed off a slightly shorter, lighter ‘do at Paris Fashion Week. Seeing as she was sporting a bob previously, Lily’s look isn’t quite as dramatic as Kristen’s, but it’s still a big change for the star.

Between Kristen and Lily’s similar cuts, we think we’re starting to see a new trend. Can we bet on these sorts of short, asymmetrical styles emerging as the latest must-have haircut in the next few months? Given their combined star power, we’ll go ahead and put our money on it.

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