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Lessons I’ve Learned From 9 Different Hair Makeovers

Lessons I’ve Learned From 9 Different Hair Makeovers

Lessons I’ve Learned From 9 Different Hair Makeovers
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When it comes to trying out new hair colors and trends, I’m always the first to say that I’m up for anything that can give my overall look some new life. From brown to blonde, I’ve tried it all – plus a bit of purple, blue and pink thrown in there in between. Whether I was simply chopping off all of my hair to get over a bad breakup (everyone’s been there, right?) or obsessing over an image I spotted in an editorial, I tend to act a bit impulsively when it comes to my hair decisions – but luckily, being in the beauty business, I can always fall back on my hair stylist and colorist friends to walk me through any of my hair “urges.”

I’ve currently settled on an icy shade of platinum, and while I may love the cool hue, I still get bitten by the color bug repeatedly (and am currently contemplating a “lob”). So, considering the fact that I am as loyal to my hair color and styles as most people are with their nail art, I figured it was due time to take a glance back at my many styles, and reflect over the lessons learned. I now know the tricks to keeping double-processed hair healthy and how to prolong those funky blue and purple shades in your hair (or at least make it look normal as they wash out).

I’ll apologize in advance for all of the selfies and full-on Facebook album pictures you’ll be perusing ahead, but hopefully this trip through my hair adventures will help you on yours. And, please let us know in the comments below the hair lessons you’ve learned along the way!

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