Chic, Simple Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

Shannon Farrell

In beauty, sometimes less is more — especially when it comes to hair. Who has the time or patience for intricate hairstyles that require 10 different products? Not us. So we dreamt up these three pretty, easier-than-they-appear looks that will get you out the door in minutes. The best part? They work even better on unwashed, second-day hair.

Wendy Rodewald, Senior Editor

Knotted Chignon

I always feel like a librarian when I wear my hair in a boring ballerina bun, so I wanted to create something with a bit more character. This knotted chignon has just one extra step but looks 10 times more interesting than your standard-issue bun.

Knotted chignon hairstyle

Step 1: To give hair grip, spray all over with a texturizing spray or dry shampoo. I used Aveeno Pure Renewal Dry Shampoo ($7.99,

Step 2: Divide hair into two equal sections, like pigtails. Twist each section.

Step 3: Tie your two twisted pigtails into a knot at the nape of the neck. If your hair is on the longer side, tie a double knot.

Step 4: Tuck the loose ends under and secure with hairpins.

Megan Segura, Associate Editor

Textured Pony

Forget the classic slicked back pony. Get your hands dirty and create a textured look similar to Zoe Saldana’s grunge ponytail. While the end result looks a little complicated (read: intimidating), it’s actually quite easy to master.

megan1 Chic, Simple Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

Step 1: Create volume at the crown of your head by backcombing with a round brush, like Sonia Kashuk’s Limited Edition “Brilliantly Bold” Hair Brush ($12.99,

Step 2: Spray your entire head with hair spray, like TigiSession Series Work It Hair Spray by TIGI (20.98,, to keep volume from deflating.

Step 3: Grab two large pieces of hair at the temples and cross one over the other so they end up on opposite sides of the head again.

Step 4: Start creating a fishtail braid, making sure to add pieces from the hair that’s hanging down as you go. Continue this until all of your hair is gathered into a single ponytail.

Step 5: Secure the ponytail with a very thin elastic.

Step 6: Take a piece of hair from the back of your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic to keep it hidden.

Step 7: Pin the end of the hair behind your ponytail with a bobby pin.

Shannon Farrell, Editorial Assistant

Peek-A-Boo Braids

Peek-a-boo braids have been everywhere lately — on Emma Watson at the VMAs, on Kristen Stewart at the Teen Choice Awards and on models at Rachel Zoe’s fall 2012 fashion show, just to name a few. I like to throw in a few braids when I want to add a little texture to my hair. I recently did a tutorial on the peek-a-boo braid headband, but this time I decided to switch it up with fishtail braids throughout the hair. They’re a little more fun and add even more texture!

Peak A Boo Braids Fishtail Braid

Step 1: Starting with light waves or tousled hair, apply a texturizing spray, such as Oríbe Dry Texturizing Spray ($39,, at the root of hair to build volume.

Step 2: Apply the texturizing spray throughout the lengths of hair and scrunch strands for more movement.

Step 3: Repeat throughout the entire head.

Step 4: Separate a strand of hair behind the ear and create a fishtail braid, holding in place with a mini elastic. Create one or two more on the other side of the head — all different shapes. The idea is to create a disheveled look.

What’s your go-to quick but chic hairstyle?


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