News: Lena Dunham Goes Platinum; A Favorite Store Launches Fragrance

Rachel Krause
Photo: lenadunham/Instagram

Photo: lenadunham/Instagram

“Girls” genius Lena Dunham debuted a shock of bright platinum hair over the weekend, and all signs point to the change being legit rather than a good old fashioned wig. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

They sure are starting young these days: A new study shows that over half of girls ages 12-14 wear makeup most days. That’s all well and good, but the fact that over 63 percent of them regularly go to bed with a full face? Not so much. [Daily Mail]

J. Crew just launched two new perfumes with beloved fragrance developer Carlos Huber. The two scents are inspired by January 5, 1943, the date of the opening on the first all-female modern art show in the U.S. [Elle]

Want to dip a toe in the pastel hair trend without committing to look? Here are three ways to test it out temporarily. [Beauty High]

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