Leighton Meester’s Anti-Glam Hairstyles

Lauren LeVine
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Photo: © RD / Orchon / Retna Digital

Leighton Meester doesn’t like her hair to look too perfect.The Gossip Girl star says she avoids having her tresses looking overly styled and prefers that they to look a bit more natural.

The actress said, “I’m anti-glam when it comes to wearing my hair up — I like it a
bit undone with lots of flyaways. I love to wear my hair down when I’m dancing. It’s so much sexier when it moves. I like it when it looks like you’ve already been out for a few

The 24-year-old beauty also revealed how she doesn’t like to wear too much
makeup if she’s got lipstick on. She said, “When I put on lipstick, I don’t need a lot of other makeup.”

Leighton recently revealed how she wants her own fashion line and wants a
designer to team up with. When asked if she would like her own clothing collection, she said, “The more I think about it, the more it sounds like something I would want to do.
I don’t know if it would happen any time soon, but I’d really like to work on a
collaboration with somebody — I always have ideas for stuff like that.”


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