Learn How to Get “Life is the Party” Lips From DVF Fall 2013

Rachel Adler

Bold pink lip at DVF Fall 2013 backstage

We have caught on to an ongoing theme already this New York Fashion Week, with matte textures making a huge appearance on lips, eyes, nails and even in the hair. At DVF’s Fall 2013 show we were thrilled to see a vibrant magenta shade being applied to the lips and the artists letting it retain its matte feel. James Kaliardos, the lead makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics described the look as “life is the party” noting that it’s a style you go to when you want to put on your winning look. The inspiration was really drawn from Diane’s roots from the ’70s, “when people actually had fun and looked drop dead gorgeous, and made their life the party.”

To get the look, Kaliardos used Face and Body Foundation (due to the fact that it’s sheer and they wanted the skin to be “fresh”). They used a darker shade around the outside of the face and matched the shades in the center in order to contour the face shape. Then, Kaliardos applied a combination of highlighter and a rustic red shade along the socket of the eye and down onto the lid. For the lip, Kaliardos exfoliated first to prep them for the bright shade, and then simply used Process Magenta Chromagraphic Pencil to fill them in, giving them a bold, glamorous ’70s feel.

Hairstylist Orlando Pita for T3 created a long, textured yet undone wave for the hair. He noted that he was inspired by Diane herself for the style and since Diane is all about empowering women, he let the girls who have shorter hair or really curly hair keep their own styles (with a bit of a hairstylist’s touch of course). For the majority of the girls with long hair, he roughed it up a bit so it was a little textured, wrapped a large barrel curling iron around various sections and let the curls set before lightly brushing out the hair.

The manicure at DVF was actually quite unusual for a fall show, as the more colorful nail polishes were surprisingly on the toes. Essie layered Plum Berry and Miami Nice to create a color that complemented the magenta lips (and pieces in Diane’s collection). For the fingernails, they were simply buffed and painted with a top coat.

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