How to Get the Retro Look From Our MTV “MADE” Shoot

Rachel Adler

A couple of months ago, we had the opportunity to work with MTV on one of their classic reality shows, MADE. They were working with a sweet southern girl, Megan, who wanted to be made into a model, and we gave her the chance to take part in a full editorial spread. The show, which had its premiere on MTV today, showcases both Megan’s journey with her modeling coach as well as what she learned while on set with us. Although the day was grueling and it was the first time Megan had ever been the focus of a high-fashion shoot, she gave it her all – and learned a lot in the process.

Makeup artist and hairstylist Nicole Bridgeford took our retro inspiration for the shoot, mixed with Megan’s love of makeup, and chose to really amp things up. We paired a high volume bouffant with a mod cat eye for the looks, and Bridgeford gave us a few tips on how to pull off this retro style on our own.

To get the mod cat eye look, Bridgeford said to always work with tools that you feel comfortable with. “If you’re too scared to really do a bold eye, do it in moderation. A thick liquid line with a mod lip is always cool. My personal favorite liquid liner is MAC SuperSlick Liquid Liner – it doesn’t budge and it has a “patent leather” finish to it which is perfect for that ’60s look.” Plus, when you give yourself a bold eye, you always want to complement it with natural tones on the rest of your face. “Wear a pinky or peachy colored blush. On the lips, I would use a gloss in a mod color like “Hello” by Armour Beauty Lip Gloss,” says Bridgeford.

Lashes are another huge part of a retro look, and since we don’t all have mile-long lashes, adding falsies is a big step. Bridgeford advises, “Try to make them a part of your own lash. Don’t think of them as being glued to your skin — lay them right on your lashes and try to open your eye while you’re doing it to make sure the placement is good. It takes practice, so be patient!”

Last but not least, if you want to perfect the bouffant style (or a half-up bouffant style), the key here is getting a good foundation started. Bridgeford says, “Start with a mousse or styling product when your hair is wet. Blow dry, and then start back combing at the crown using hairspray at each section, and make sure you smooth out the top section of hair once you’re done!”

Photography by Spencer Wohlrab

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