Beauty Buzz: Lauren Conrad’s Tip For Great Hair, 4 Considerations Before Coloring Your Hair, More

Augusta Falletta

lauren conrad hair

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1. Lauren Conrad’s trick for great hair is so easy, we can’t believe we didn’t think of this. [Refinery 29]

2. This genius slideshow of celebrities then and now shows the stars of the past paired up with celebs the same age today. Can you tell they’re the same age? [People]

3. We will be immediately stealing this purple smokey eye from Scarlett Johansson. [Daily Makeover]

4. Four important things to consider before you color your hair. []

5. Kristen Stewart has reportedly lost hair due to stress from her split with Robert Pattinson. Girls, please find ways to relieve your stress. [ONTD]

Image via JB Lacroix/WireImage

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