Lady Gaga’s Latest Hairstyle is Insane — Even for Her

Wendy Rodewald
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga made an appearance in London today wearing a massive, wavy wig.
Photo: Pacific Coast News

At this point, we hardly notice what Lady Gaga does with her look on a daily basis because she switches it up so often. At Sunday’s VMAs, she even managed to change wigs four times during a single performance of her new song, “Applause” (that must be some kind of record). But her latest hairpiece refuses to be ignored.

The singer stepped out in London today sporting a honey blond wig with waves piled at least four inches high on top of her head. Pink dreadlock pieces peppered the mass of matted ringlets, extending all the way down to Gaga’s bared waist.

The wild wig makes us ask two questions: Is big hair on its way back? And more importantly, is Gaga making fun of Amanda Bynes?

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