Lady Gaga Shows Off Her Natural Side on Twitter

Lady Gaga

Photo: ladygaga/Twitter

It’s rare to see Lady Gaga free of theatrics. The eccentric pop star certainly doesn’t go out in public without a full Look (yes, with a capital L)—green hair, transparent bodysuits, sidewalk-length white wigs, no pants to be found… Gaga spares no embellishments.

But when it comes to her private time, when she’s in her NYC apartment alone (or, we imagine, with boyfriend Taylor Kinney), we know that there must be a real human underneath all that face paint and those heavy wigs.

Gaga documented herself in her natural state on Twitter this week, and we have to say that as much as we love her aesthetic antics, a part of us wishes she would show this side of herself more frequently. We don’t know that she’s entirely without makeup—and if she is, then damn, girl, those eyebrows are flawless—but whatever she’s doing here, it looks great. We approve.

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