The Daily Dose: Lady Gaga Launches A New Fashion Line

Lauren LeVine

Too busy reading the Guardian’s all-access 24/7 Royal Wedding Live Blog? No worries, we’ve got you covered news-wise.

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Photo: © CAMERA PRESS/Chris Ashford/Retna Ltd.

Lady Gaga’s meat dress at the VMAs was such a hit in the fashion community that the singer will be launching a line of clothing made entirely from discarded meat. The line is considered to be quite an innovative way to “upcycle” what would normally have been discarded without thought after using the prime cuts of animals for, well, eating. The meat will be specially cured to have a longer lifespan than the singer’s VMA outfit, which reportedly went rancid later on that night. Preliminary items include bacon tube tops, flank steak fedoras and formal shorts constructed from brisket. No word yet as to whether or not Gaga will expand her line to include seafood. [TreeHugger]

Try on Lady Gaga’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Do you love Rebecca Black’s “Friday?” So do we! There’s nothing we love more than rocking out to fun, fun, fun “Friday” at Daily Makeover headquarters. She’s answered so many of life’s important questions, including what seat to choose in a car (even if only one is available), that cereal should go in a bowl (not on a plate as we previously believed) and that Saturday comes after Friday—with Sunday coming after that. Now, Black has taken over Funny or Die on what is being known as Black Friday to explain even more of life’s mysteries. Rocking some killer new bangs, the singer chronicles her meteoric rise to Internet infamy in “Betwixt the Music,” explains the existential meaning behind her breakout hit’s lyrics and more. We’re so glad this amazing talent is finally getting a place to voice her wise-beyond-her-years thoughts and opinions. [Funny or Die]

Speaking of amazing musicians, Paul McCartney told Rolling Stone that he is going to give The Beatles’ spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to his favorite singer of all time, Ke$ha. “She’s just got such a unique style, and I cannot get enough of her innovative use of AutoTune!” The famous knight went on to say, “I, too, wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, which is why I was so glad when her song ‘TiKToK’ came out and blew the lid off the fact that other people do, too.” Fellow Beatle Ringo Starr chimed in to say that he would also like to see the be-glittered songstress get much more recognition, and that he will be sporting blue lipstick and a mohawk until she does.

Try on Ke$ha’s hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

Although it’s not usually announced until November, People magazine has revealed exclusively to us that this year’s Sexiest Man Alive will be none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Our source said, “We really don’t think that Mark has anything going for him right now, and this could be the ego boost he needs to finally realize that he is smart and his life does have meaning.” The source went on to talk about what, specifically, makes Zuckerberg an excellent choice for what is supposed to be a completely superficial, looks-based award: “He’s got those curls (we really wish he’d let them grow to their full potential) and don’t forget those piercing eyes—are they pond-water blue or brown? We can’t stop debating in our office.” Fellow Harvard dropout and former Sexiest Man Alive Matt Damon agrees that Zuckerberg is definitely the top pick this year. “Forget about Andrew Garfield, Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynold’s abs. This is the year of the Zuck,” Damon wrote in an email.

Another exclusive! James Cameron shared that the upcoming cast for his still unwritten, un-financed and unbelievable movie is complete. Kendra Wilkinson will play the lead, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino will play her romantic interest and Rebecca Black will play Wilkinson’s long-lost daughter. The movie will be released in May 2014 and is potentially based on Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ life, but Cameron says, “Or it could be sci-fi. I guess it depends how I’m feeling that day.” He’s such a jokester, that one. We can’t wait!


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