Lady Gaga Dresses Up For Her Fans

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Photo: © Larry Busacca/Getty Images For The Recording Academy

Lady Gaga thinks her fans deserve more than to see her dressed in casual clothing. The “Born this Way” singer is known for her eccentric fashion sense and insists she never gets the urge to shun her outlandish outfits for something more sedate and comfortable.

She said, “I want to give my fans everything they deserve and they do not deserve sweatpants and sneakers. They deserve the real me all the time, and this is who I am.”

Gaga insists her wacky outfits are a huge part of her life and are not just an image she is trying to project to the world. She told Britain’s Hello! magazine, “They’re my lifestyle, it’s not dressing up, a costume, a show, or a character. It’s my whole life. I’ve been dressing like this for more than six years. While I was living in New York, I fell in love with expressing myself through clothing. I wanted to make a name for myself as a musician and stand out.”

The “Bad Romance” singer also revealed that she plays a major role in designing her clothes with the help of a design team. She explained, “I’m influenced by modern fashion or the 1970s and 1980s. Sometimes I just have a vision. I see the color of the fabric and the silhouette, call up my creative team, the House of Gaga and say, ‘I want you to make me this.’”

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