Ladies, Beware! Now Your Exes Can Reveal All

Megan Segura
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“If things didn’t end badly they wouldn’t end,” is a quote (from the movie Cocktail) that came to mind when I found out about the new site Similar to Yelp, people submit their reviews on, not restaurants or stores, but people they’ve dated. Sound like a good idea to you? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

The new site describes itself as the world’s first relationship review application. A person can anonymously submit a review of a person they’ve dated or befriended for public viewing. While you cannot opt out of having your exes publicly shame you, you can email the company and let them know if a review is untrue.

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To me, this sounds like one big slam book for the world to see. Do you know how many angry ex-boyfriends and girlfriends are out there? If you’ve ever been in a relationship, then you understand it means not always showing your best side (ie. obsessively checking your boyfriend’s text messages when he leaves the room, wearing giant grandma panties when you go to bed, shouting when things don’t go your way). Breaking up with a person can mean exhibiting even worse behavior that you would feel mortified to have publicized to future dates. On the other hand, it would be pretty satisfying to warn innocent women out there about your cheating ex-boyfriend…

What are your thoughts about this new site? More importantly, what’s something you’ve done in a relationship that you would hate future boyfriends to know?

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