La Mer: The Truffle to my Risotto


When my family travels we stay in hostels or tents. There is never, nor will there ever be, an appearance at a Ritz hotel during a Crowell vacation. However, at 27 years old, I’ve managed to sneak a few luxury hotel stays into my travels despite my family’s predilection for decidedly unfancy accomodations. Whenever I’ve found myself in one of these hotels, I’ll spend hours primping in the 500 square foot marble bathroom. My favorite part is the magnifying mirror that allows me to perform my own facials and inspect every pore, eyebrow hair, and wrinkle.

Speaking of wrinkles, because I am a) obsessed with growing older and defying age and b) equally obsessed with any and every La Mer product that has hit the market, you can bet your bottom dollar that I invested in La Mer’s new Hydrating Infusion serum. It was created to increase the benefits of the La Mer cream, which I swear by, and claims to make your skin “virtually creaseless.” Now I don’t have a fancy hotel magnifying mirror, but this morning, two weeks after having started using the serum religiously, I replaced my bathroom lightbulbs, got myself as close to the mirror as I possibly could, and looked for any difference in my skin. Considering that my party animal houseguest Nicole has kept me out every single night since she’s arrived I was completely shocked to see that my skin looked, for lack of a better word, amazing. And I have to yet to have my yearly winter breakout. Since I’ve only changed one thing in my skin regimen, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Hydrating Infusion, you are the Ritz cracker to my brie, the spicy mayo to my sushi, and I just don’t know what I’d do without you.

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