Kylie Jenner’s Secret to Perfect Skin Costs $4

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Kylie Jenner Drugstore Skin Care
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Give or take a few shades of contour, we all have the same picture of Kylie Jenner is our heads: perfectly sculpted cheekbones, complete with highlighter, bronzer, more contour, false lashes, and those lips. And while we pretty know her well-documented makeup routine by heart, her skin-care routine remains a relative mystery—until now. Jenner took to her site earlier this week to report her favorite skin-care product—especially when she travels—is a $4 sheet mask.

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“As much as I love makeup, it always feels so good to take it off and really pamper my skin,” Jenner wrote in the post. “I try to do a face mask a few times a week, whether it’s a sheet or leave-on treatment.”

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Credit: Instagram | @kyliejenner

The $4 sheet mask she calls out by name is Look Beauty’s Panda Print Sheet Mask, which—you guessed it—makes you look like a panda while you have it on. Its other redeeming qualities include honey extract and soothing lavender, making it perfect for irritated, inflamed skin, which can often happen after a flight or a lengthy care ride. A few of Jenner’s other under-$10 favorites are Sephora’s $6 Rose Mask, a $9 snail-mucus sheet mask from ASOS, and the Miss Spa Restore and Brighten 24k Gold Radiance Mask, which also clocks in at $4. See? Celebs are totally just like us. Sort of.

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