Has Kristen Stewart In ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Inspired Two New Beauty Collections?

Amanda Elser

If the rumors are true, that would mean that Kristen Stewart’s latest film Snow White and the Huntsman has inspired more than another trip to the movie theater. We have been hearing (more like reading) whispers of different beauty collections inspired by the movie just in time for its June release date.

Apparently, HSN announced an upcoming collection of clothes, jewelry and 200 pieces worth of products inspired by the movie. The products will only be available for 24 hours and will allegedly include a nail polish collection by the always fabulous, Deborah Lippmann. The possibility of a Deborah Lippmann collection gets us excited for a few reasons: One, no can do a sparkle like she can and two, (since she is known for naming polishes after songs) we hope she’ll name the collection after original Snow White tunes.

Another collab in the works is Universal Films partnership with Benefit Cosmetics. Apparently the cheeky cosmetic company is creating a limited-edition collection specifically for the film. Being the official beauty partners of the film, Benefit already knows exactly what it take to recreate Snow White’s statement look, but the new collection will help consumers get the look at home. The limited-edition set, called Rare Beauty ($45, benefitcosmetics.com), is scheduled to be released April 17 and will reportedly include makeup to recreate Snow White’s super black lashes, flushed cheeks and milky skin.

Images for both collections aren’t available yet, but here’s to hoping that our dreams come true! 

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Image via IMDB

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