Kristen Stewart And The Worst Wedding Attire Ever.

Caroline Murray
KristenStewartJeans (Slideshow)

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

Is it just me, or has anyone else had enough of Kristen Stewart? Don’t get me wrong; I’m all about a healthy Team Edward vs. Jacob debate, but that’s about as far as my interest in K-Stew goes. Acting aside, her oh-so laid-back attire just rubs me the wrong way. So when I spotted this image of the Twilight actress on Instagram, wearing jeans to a friend’s wedding, I couldn’t help but wonder: Has she taken casual wear too far?

Kristen Stewart’s Custom “Designed” Vans

I guess I’m old fashioned that way; I still think flip-flops are inappropriate at work and that black should never be worn to a wedding. Nevertheless, K-Stew, who attended the soiree with beau Robert Pattinson, considered herself cool enough to pull off jeans, a boring black tank and a blazer to her friend’s big day. Oh, and you can see her bra.

Given Kristen’s fashion blunder, and that it’s wedding season, we decided to create a list of wedding faux pas – some debatable, some not, but all worth considering.

1. Don’t wear white.
This is a basic rule. Even if the bride is modern and prefers a colorful dress, she reserves the right to white. All day (We’re talking to you, Pippa Middleton!).
2. Don’t fight over the bouquet.
Have you ever seen girls do this? It’s looks so desperate–if it’s meant to be, you’ll catch the bouquet.
3. Don’t wear jeans.
See sad Kristen Stewart example above.
4. Don’t sing and dance down the aisle.
Ok, there are some exceptions to this rule. But definitely never belt out a Christina Aguilera song, while holding a microphone instead of a bouquet, like this.
5. Don’t flirt with the groom.
He’s unavailable. Try a groomsman.
6. Don’t be the drunken fool.
We get it: open bars, they’re awesome. But you want to be invited to other weddings, so don’t ruin this one by overdoing it.

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That’s our list for now, but as wedding season progresses we’re sure we’ll see more. Do you believe in any wedding no-nos?

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