News: Kristen Bell’s Go-To Beauty Products; Cover Girl Launches Empire Collection

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As proud product junkies, we’re always curious to know which ones celebs are stashing. You are, too, no? Here are Kristen Bell‘s go-tos. [Allure 

Hopefully you’re wearing waterproof mascara, because this video of guys guessing how much makeup costs will make you laugh until you cry. [Cosmopolitan]

It’s a major blow when your favorite product is discontinued. Read these editor tales of bygone-product heartbreak, and learn about the replacements they’re now using. [STYLECASTER]

Only two more days until Empire comes back on (YES! FINALLY!). What better way to celebrate than by snatching up the new CoverGirl collection inspired by the show? Details here. [Popsugar]

While our wallets don’t necessarily appreciate it, there is a difference between a $5 hairbrush and a $100 hairbrush. This is it. [Byrdie]

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